Waterville Partners utilizes a proven framework to help clients maximize their potential and attain career fulfillment. Successful navigation of any career map can only be done after understanding their unique “internal compass.” It is this purposeful action that helps provide clarity and direction.

When facing any career transition, it is common for individuals to first focus on updating their resume, actively networking, improving interviewing skills and refining their elevator pitch. However, these actions can only be successfully accomplished after critical reflection and understanding of one’s internal compass.

The internal compass provides the invaluable framework for self reflection:

WP Compass 2 full text
N – represents your true North, your Values and Beliefs

S – speaks to your Strengths and Skills

E – is Everything Exciting to you and also accounts for your experience and expectations

W – is how you are Wired, Who you are at your core

By examining their internal compass, using assessment tools, clients are better equipped to navigate their career options with purpose and passion. They are able to evaluate and pursue career options that are in alignment with their values, strengths, skills and interests. Their resume, networking, interview preparation and elevator pitch all support the direction of their internal compass, ultimately pointing to career fit and fulfillment. Clients are equipped to bring their authentic selves to the search process and present themselves with confidence.